Energy maintenance can be difficult and is usually important to tenants.

Our solutions allow you to manage costs and reduce potential power outages.

We identify places where energy is wasted, introduce solutions limiting its consumption, reduce the time needed for management and, above all, significantly reduce its cost.

All of the above measures also significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

We offer our clients a number of information and management solutions.

Non-invasive data collection system

We install a system with reading devices that allows you to retrieve data from meters and analyze it in a non-invasive manner in relation to the energy infrastructure.

Full monitoring

In the control panel of the application, the user receives the latest information on energy consumption at individual consumption points in terms of monitoring:

  • access to 15 minutes power consumption profiles
  • observation of diagrams of maximum active and reactive power and energy consumption
  • access to hourly and daily energy consumption profiles
  • SMS alert in case of exceeding the ordered power
  • observation and reaction to alarm states concerning: exceeding the assumed power level, occurrence of reactive energy consumption and voltage drops

A complete set of data to manage energy costs

The installed system provides data in the field of:

  • economically optimal tariff plan
  • selection of the power ordered for individual months
  • analysis of the costs of distribution and purchase of electricity
  • generating reports on electricity costs in various analytical systems
  • electricity consumption in individual time zones
  • reactive power compensation
  • CO2 emissions and the impact of the installed solutions on environmental protection
  • current data on the effects of installed energy solutions such as cogeneration, reactive power compensation, photovoltaics or LED lighting

Energy management

As part of the service, we perform the following activities:

  • Constant control of the compliance of invoices with the readings from the meter, and in the event of data inconsistencies, we conduct complaints and all correspondence with electricity sellers and distributors.
  • We support you or fully conduct the selection of the most advantageous offers and negotiate prices for the purchase of electricity, heat and gas.
  • We support you or fully carry out the process of selecting and installing solutions that increase energy efficiency and reduce costs: cogeneration, photovoltaic panels, reactive power compensation and LED lighting.